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October 24, 2011

It seems, judging by Rob Pryor’s feedback, that the Titan Karbon would make a superb Sportive bike. Rob of SRI Importing kindly let me use these photos of his Titan, which has created a bit of a stir for the last 10 months he’s had it. I can imagine there aren’t that many on the roads in Canada, so it’s understated beauty and rarity will no doubt make other cyclists stop and look.

Underneath that beauty lies some real substance. Essentially what Viner have done is take a Maxima, replace the carbon tubes with titanium, and add the rear triangle from the Mitus 0,5. As Rob can vouch, you still get the famed Viner stability, poise, handling and cornering but the titanium tubes add a real ‘softness’ to the ride, soaking up bumps and rough patches, resulting in Rob still feeling freash after long rides. However the carbon rear triangle still adds stiffness, so that no power is lost when climbing or sprinting. Add to the fact that you can have it built made-to-measure then surely the Titan Karbon would make the perfect Sportive bike. A perfect fitting bike with the titanium tubes meaning a 100km plus Sportive could be tackled without aches and pains, but still with enough race pedigree to make climbing easier.

And there would be no doubt that the Titan Karbon would stand out from the usual Sportive crowd, even with it’s understated beauty.

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