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80’s SLX

October 12, 2011

The 80’s. The decade that saw massive upheaval’s in the UK, the birth of many musical movements, and the years of my youth. It was also the decade where I first fell in love with cycling. I remember the garish flouro paintjobs on many bikes, and drooling over exotic Italian frames in the mecca that was Sheffield’s Tony Butterworths.

The 1986 Viner SLX pictured above, sent in by Adam Green, sums up the style of the decade very well. Beautiful craftsmanship adorned with outlandish paintjobs! Adam picked up this bike from a friend who had too many bikes and not enough time to ride them all. The bike was originally picked up in Milan in 2009, sporting Campag’s beautiful C Record components. This groupset was stripped off the frame and the Viner sold on to Adam’s friend. The frame is in pretty good nick, the only downside being it doesn’t have the original forks (the originals were bent – so a Colnago style straight fork was built for it – which looks pretty good to me). The original forks are pictured below.

As you see, Viner’s in the 1980’s had lost some of the embellishments of the 1960s and 1970s Special Professional’s and Special Corsa’s, mainly the cut outs on the lugs and pantographing. Simpler lugs were the order of the day, flourishes were left to the paintjobs, garish bike ribbon and copious amounts of chroming!

Adam’s Viner is built with Columbus SLX, the tubeset that superceded the famous SL. It improved on SL with the use of five internal spiral ridges at the ends of the double butted tubes, that added rigidity to the joint areas, making SLX a ‘superbutted’ tubeset, ideal for Professional use.

Adam isn’t a professional, but is making good use of his Viner, racing alongside his brother (on his 1980s Brian Rourke) in local Triathlons.

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  1. adam permalink
    October 13, 2011 8:33 am


    Cheers for the great write up. ill keep you posted with her progress next season!


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