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October 2, 2011

My brother gave me a nice surprise the other week. Italian Racing Bicycles, a newly published book about, yes you guessed right, racing bicycles from Italy. All the famous marques are in there, including a couple of pages about Viner (although there some notable omissions, including the famous champagne metallic Benotto’s). I thought the book would just focus on the frame builders, but as it’s a book about bicycles, it also includes the famous Italian component manufacturers, which you obviously need to build up an Italian bike. So you have the likes of Campagnolo and Miche in there, along with ITM, Deda, 3T, the various Italian saddle manufacturers and also names that are not so well known now, including Modolo and Universal (who I always thought were a French or British company).

The author Guido Rubino has written the history of each manufacturer, including reference to famous rider’s who graced the companies products, and contains some great photography. My favourite piece (apart from the Viner pages of course) is the double page spread about the design classic – the Cinelli Laser. A stunning bike.

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