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September 27, 2011

Sunday was my last race of the season, and will be a date that goes down in British cycling history. As well as Mark Cavendish bringing home the rainbow bacon, the 25th September saw me lower my 25 miles all time best (that had stood for 7 years), knocking 28 secs off on a far from perfect day or course. A great way to end my best ever season.

2011 is the first time I’ve ever used a cycling coach, and what a difference he made. Finally I had the fitness to do my Kronus justice. I’ve had her 2 years now, but last season I felt a bit of a fraud on her. This season I turned up at events with my head held high, confident in my fitness and my bike. Following Vitesse Cycle Coaching’s training plans saw me increasing my power and losing over a stone in weight, which resulted in a far better power to weight ratio. The result at races was a lot faster times. What was impressive was that apart from one day (which happened to be the National 10m TT Champs but at least I managed to qualify!) my performances were consistent. A sure sign that my hard training over the winter had built a solid base.

All this new found fitness is no good if your frame doesn’t transmit the power. Thankfully the Kronus transferred every watt into the back wheel, and got up to speed quickly and without fuss out of corners and roundabouts. My increase in speed this season also meant I was going into and through corners and turns a lot quicker than previously. But it wasn’t a problem on the Viner, she handled every one impeccably, being very sure footed and trustworthy. OK she isn’t going to fly through them like my Maxima, but with a lump of a disc on the rear she does a great job.

So hand in hand with my Kronus I’ve lowered my 5 year old 10 mile TT time by over a minute to 20:53, I’ve dropped down to 57:28 for 25 miles, I’ve become a local ‘fast man’ by doing a sub 30 minute ride on the local 12.6 mile sporting ‘Pool Triangle’ course and I achieved personal best’s on every course I rode. I also managed quite a few top ten placings as well. So whilst I take October ‘off’ and go for a few leisurely cafe rides at the weekend, I’ll be thinking of new goals for me and the Kronus to achieve next year.

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  1. karl juan denton. permalink
    October 3, 2011 7:17 pm

    great season bro,here is to an even better 2012 season and i only hope i will do my new viner the same justice.

  2. October 3, 2011 9:25 pm

    The Geordies won’t know what’s hit them when you start racing on your Perfecta bro!

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