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September 13, 2011

There is a real enclave of Vineristi in Canada, no doubt down to SRI Importing’s hard work at marketing Viner’s in North America.

SRI supplied the above VR Race 29 SL to Bogi Gyorfi, an elite MTB racer based in Calgary. Bogi is originally from Hungary, where she raced for the country’s best MTB team. She then moved to Chicago with her partner Gabor Csonka (himself a Pro/Elite MTB racer, who competed in the 1995 Grunding Mountain Bike World Cup) where she became the Illinois State Time Trial champion in 1994. They then moved to Canada’s capital where they continue to race at a high level.

So no doubt Bogi has a good idea what makes a great XC MTB frame:

I started to get a real feel for the Viner 29er bike. The first two rides were in new, fast rolling trails so I could not really compare the bike handling, but the first impression was that I felt safe on the bike. The big wheels were very stable, I could really lean into turns and the loose downhill were not a problem anymore. I used to be scared of  baby heads and riverbed rocks, with the 29er it felt like no big deal, riding over them. The climbing felt good too, the big wheels have better grip and the Viner frame has a great geometry for climbing. I used to love my Element for good climbing this frame is even better. The front tires never came off the ground on the steep hills;if only I had the legs I could climb everything. The short power climbs are just fun as I can stand up and hammer it without bouncing on my full suspension frame.

Yesterday finally was riding on well know trail… Pneuma. I had a good time trying to keep up with the boys and pushing the middle ring as I could stand as much as I wanted without touching my lock out. I could climb the tight switch backs the same way I can with my 26 wheels. The biggest difference I felt is at the top section where it gets really rocky and rough, I could do sections I have never ridden before and seem to have less problem on the rocks than the riders in front of me with the full suspension bikes. Then the downhill came and I had a blast, did not feel any slower on the rigid frame… Rode Shaft with the endless switchbacks and I think the big wheels actually saved me on the steep loose stuff again.

I was just a very happy rider at 9:30 pm at Station Flats….

I absolutely love the Viner’s Euro look, way better than the boring flat black bike Gabor rides nowadays…

The VR Race 29er climbs great, rides good downhill and is very comfortable. I thought I would feel the bumps more but the big wheels and Stan’s (rims) just take most of the beating. The only down side is that I still need some stronger legs and lungs to ride faster. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a fast racing machine, or lower tech hard tail or for Single speed!”

The Viner VR Race 29 SL is a tig welded, double butted alloy frame and is treated with an anti corrosion process. It can be built made to measure to ensure the perfect fit. It’s weight is competitive at 1600gr, and it’s 29er geometry means a more comfortable ride, better obstacle rollover, and even better traction.

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