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August 27, 2011

Terry Day, who sent me the recent Viner factory photo’s, has been in touch again, this time with photo’s of his recently built Maxima.

Already the owner of a Ciocc and a De Rosa King, Terry managed to pick up an unused 2009 Maxima from an Italian dealer, at a bargain price. Beautifully finished with Campag Super Record groupset, 3T cockpit, hand built Planet X 50mm wheels and finished off with exotic Zero Gravity Negative GSL brakes and Tune finishing components, Terry has been suitably impressed with the Maxima’s ride qualities:

“After the innaugural test ride I must say that apart from some usual teething problems noises etc, the Maxima preformed as impressively as I expected. As I have not ventured more than 10 miles so far I am sure it’s character will become even more defined.

The bike rides very similar to my De Rosa King however the frame and wheels are stiffer and has immediate reaction to any pedal input. Although stiffer, the bike almost has a “magic carpet” ride quality and is indeed similar to the De Rosa which was always applauded for its ride quality. Descending is typical Italian, and is almost laser guided. Very impressed so far and once my teething problems are resolved I think I will rate this as my best bike to date!”
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