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April 23, 2011

After becoming a Viner convert last year, Dave Lloyd is still excited about his new frames. The former TI Raleigh pro, now full time cycling coach, runs an annual training camp in Denia, Spain and has just got back from a week of riding his Maxima RS. Now there are frames out there that are lighter than the Maxima, there are certainly frames that are cheaper! But do any match the handling qualities of the Maxima? Yet again another owner waxes lyrical about the frames qualities:

Just what can I say about this truly remarkable bike, now that I’ve been using it for quite a time and also how it handled the Training Camp in Spain. I guess this was going to be the “acid test” for any bike as we were on ferocious climbs and descents every day for a week…

All I can say is that the bike was yet again a revelation to me. Every time I get on it, it throws up new things to make me smile. In Spain it was just the BEST. It handled beautifully on the craziest descents and however you threw it into a corner it was completely predictable. I just don’t see how you could get a descent wrong on this bike – IT STEERS ITSELF or seems to. The climbing was another thing that brought a smile to my face. Just so stiff in all the right places to make it “dance” up any climb and no flexing anywhere in the BB or other places. Just UPWARD motion, that’s all…

I only wish I’d known about Viner 10 years ago and just how much fun you can have on such a great, great bike as the Maxima. I JUST LOVE IT !!!

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  1. Sean Jackson permalink
    April 27, 2011 9:10 am

    A very big ditto David, my ‘RS is also by far the best bike I have had the pleasure to put my leg over and ride over any terrain!

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