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April 6, 2011

Seems like Viner’s are getting popular in Canada. Another Viner owner, Thomas Yip, has been in touch, waxing lyrical about his new Mitus 0,4, sending some great photos that really show off the matt black carbon finish. In my opinion Thomas has done a great job with the build, his choice of components really working well with the frame aesthetics.

As with the other Canadian Vineristi, Thomas has been forced to just sit and look at his custom built 2011 Mitus the last few months! Living in Calgary (host of the 1988 Winter Olympics) means Thomas and other Alberta cyclists have to contend with -20 degrees weather – making our recent winter seem spring like.

Now that the winter is thawing out, Thomas has just recently managed to get out for a 3 hour spin on his new Viner, and emailed me his initial impressions:
“It is very comfortable. The fit is phenomenal and the ride is very refined. The BB area is nice and stiff exactly what I was looking for from BB30. It is definitely a race bike and handles like one. It has very fast steering but rides ultra stable when at speed. The front end tracks ultra straight never wants to wander. All I have to do is nudge her towards a corner and she rails through it. It is not the lightest frame when compared to todays feathery super bikes, but it feels extremely solid and connected to the road. This could also have something to do with the Integrated seat post. I felt overly confident descending and any rough spots in the road surface all but disappeared. There is a lot of feedback from the road but none of it annoying or harsh like you would expect from a stiff race bike. I love it!”

Notice a pattern emerging here? Yet another Viner owner’s ride description talking about the balance and handling qualities. And like me, another rider who’s descending confidence has been elevated by their Viner. It’s no doubt down to the fact that they are made-to-measure, meaning the frame is in perfect harmony with the rider, but it is also due to the build qualities and attention to detail that the craftsmen at Viner bestow upon every frame they produce.

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