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March 28, 2011

Dale Knock from Calgary, Canada sent me in a photo of a very race beast (in the UK at least) – a Viner MTB. Viner mountain bikes have a great reputation in Italy, where quite a few top MTB racers use their frames, but it appears Canada also has a great interest in the off road bikes Viner produce. Living in such a beautiful country with thousands of miles of unspoilt countryside to explore does help. Dales’s particular frame is the VR Race 7.2 SL, the top end alloy frame in Viner’s MTB range. It’s built with SRAM X0 with Fulcrum Red 3 wheels, shod with some rather natty rubber – Geax Mezcal White Collection tyres. The complete build comes in at a very respectable 24lbs.

Dale (pictured below on the left) wanted a bike that stood out from the usual MTB crowd, and in particular wanted a frame that was truly hand built and a work of art. This can be seen in the VR Race’s chainstays – which have a beautiful flow and are fitted with clear Lizard Skin for protection. Dale also chose the Viner because he needed a strong frame “I picked the 7.2 because I am a larger guy (6′ 2″ 295 lbs, still considered athletic…big farm kid, haha)…they alloy frame’s strength was more important than the weight… the weight thing for frames is so over rated, my watch is 175 grams.”

Dale was bowled over by the VR Race’s ride properties, being a heavier rider means uphills aren’t easy. “I wasn’t a good climber by any stretch of my imagination, I have since taken the Viner out on some climbs that killed me in the past and for whatever reason, they are now truly enjoyable… I was smiling as I was climbing… something I have never done!”

Dale is now a Viner convert, being passionate about what the firm does and how they go about things – “Viners aren’t for everyone, they do cost a little more, but if you want something more than just another bike and a story to go with your bike, look at a Viner.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Dale Knock and Rob Pryor of SRI Importing, aboard their VR Race 7.2s

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  1. jackson permalink
    May 7, 2012 12:10 pm

    how i wish to have like your bike

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