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March 20, 2011

Just like a bear instinctively knows when to wake up from it’s long winter sleep, I knew this weekend was the right time to unlock my Maxima from her shed housing, and re-acquaint myself with her brilliant qualities.

Saturday was Spring like, the sun adding some warmth and light to the Yorkshire landscape, and barely a breeze in the air. Perfect conditions for March.

I’d  fitted a new Rotor 3D crankset and new white Campag hoods last month, but she hadn’t turned a wheel in anger since last October. Only five months, but enough time to get totally used to my tough, heavy winter bike. The miles ridden through rain and snow, on my Bob Jackson, meant my fitness was good but my body and senses were used to how the 631 steel frame rides. Solid, tough, dependable but lacking any zip or excitement.

I was shocked to make the first pedal revs on the Maxima. She just shot off, like a thoroughbred startled at a loud noise, and I went with her. My usual hills were climbed a lot quicker, in a higher gear but yet less painful. I’d also forgotten how comfortable she is – at one point on a flat section of road that contains regular indentations I felt like I was running in mid-air, it literally felt like there was nothing between me and the road.

I was enjoying every minute of my ride, the miles were eaten up at alarming speed and I even grinned from ear to ear when cornering. It was like she was on rails, the famous Maxima balance and poise meaning I could take my usual downhills at quicker speeds and with less braking. I got home with a sense of elation, cleaned her down and locked her front fork to the shed’s quick release bracket, hoping that the unusual March good weather would continue.

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  1. Roger permalink
    March 25, 2011 12:47 pm

    Nice looking Maxima, I like the look of the Rotor crank. Interesting wheels and saddle, which altogether makes a great looking bike with tasteful colour scheme.

    I have two Viners, a Perfecta which I ride all the time and an aluminium SC which was intended as a winter bike but has never been ridden!

    • March 25, 2011 1:01 pm

      Thanks Roger! I have had mixed views on my saddle choice – all I can say is that it’s comfortable and is another piece that is handcrafted and timeless. Fits the Maxima great in my opinion!

      Now I’ve got used to the Q ring system IMO the Rotor cranks are superb – a real upgrade in performance.

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