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March 15, 2011

Following their award win at Eurobike for the Aeternum, Viner have been shortlisted for another prestigious award – the Bicitech Innovation award. Lining up alongside the likes of Shimano with their electronic Di2, Viner have been shortlisted for their MTB – the SF10.5 SL. This is a unique product in the mountain bike world, in that the SF10.5 is a hand made, fully customised carbon frame. In effect it is the Maxima RS of the off-road world. Made with the same techniques as the Maxima, the SF10.5 can be built made-to-measure to the rider’s specific requirement and riding style. Using high modulus T900 carbon fibre, each tube is chosen to match the riders requirements and riding style, further customisation can be introduced in the joint manufacturing, as they are hand wrapped using many layers of carbon sheets. Kevlar sheets are also inserted in high stressed and high impact areas for extra strength and protection. This kevlar also adds a great aestheic quality to the frame as can be seen below.

This huge down tube is also reinforced around the BB area which gives the SF10.5 a very rigid drivetrain area. The rear triangle also has some innovative features, including an ‘S’ form with internal ribbing that adds comfort without losing stiffness and power transfer. The frame also features a 1 1/2 – 1 1/8 head tube and can be built with ISP and BB30 if required.

With so many MTB brands shifting their manufacturing to the far east, it’s good to know that some companies want to produce off-road bikes that are hand-made with the rider’s personal requirements in mind, even if it means taking a hit to the bottom line.

Now I don’t ride off-road (ever since a nasty fall on the top of Mam Tor resulting in 15 stitches in my knee cap in the early 90s) but if I was ever daft enough to take to knobblies again, then this would be the choice for me. If it’s anything like my Maxima then it would be a pleasure to own and ride.

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