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January 25, 2011

In this day and age with the advances in carbon bike technology, it’s easy to overlook that there are still high end steel bikes being made, and that companies such as Reynolds and Columbus are developing better and better steel tubesets. There will always be cyclists that prefer the ride characteristics of steel, with it’s compliance, comfort and robust qualities. The only drawback with steel in the past has been it’s weakness for rust – not any more. With Reynolds and Columbus both producing stainless steel tubesets, you can now leave your steel pride and joy out in the rain – without worrying about those brown streaks!

Another advantage of these new tubesets is that you don’t need to paint them to help them fight the rust. The bare metal can now become part of the aesthetic look of the frame, if you have the skill and creativity. Viner have been developing their sandblasting techniques for 20 years, as part of their meticulous paint process. In the past this blasting has helped to prepare the bare metal for priming – resulting in smoother paint finishes. But now with the possibilities that bare stainless steel present – the artisans at Viner have turned their sandblasting expertise to creative effect.

On the new 2011 Aeternum, this blasting technique has been used to create, frosted effects, which add a subtle beauty and texture to the immaculate hand polished Columbus XCR tubes. With it’s perfect welds, elegant tubes and matt finish Black Drive carbon forks – the Aeternum really is a thing of understated beauty. It’s not only me that agrees – judges at last September’s Eurobike gave the Aeternum the coveted  ‘Bike of the Show’ Award.


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