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December 31, 2010

After Marcel Wust’s glowing praise of the Maxima, now comes ex-TI Raleigh pro Dave Lloyd’s salute to the new Maxima RS.

As someone who raced alongside some big legends, raced under Peter Post and even designed and built his own frames in the 1980s and 90s, Dave obviously knows a thing or two about bikes.

After his initial consultation and fitting at Le Beau Velo, he had an agonizing wait for the frame to be built. And when it did arrive it coincided with the big freeze most of the UK has been under! So he had to contend himself with staring at it and having a few sessions on the rollers. Finally a couple of days ago the roads around his home in the Wirral thawed out and Dave could venture out on his new toy:

“Well, after 5 weeks strapped to the Rollers and Turbo, I FINALLY got out today for the first ride on the road as this is the first time it has been clear of ice and snow in these parts and therefore safe enough to get out.

I have been like a dog with a bone and climbing the walls with frustration. A brand new bike to try out and no way of riding it on the road… Well today, that all changed and although cold and pretty dank and dark, I was out on the Viner Maxima for the very first time and wondering if all the hype was going to be ‘Real’ or just’ imaginary’…

Well, I’m sure you’ve all heard the superlatives over and over again in the magazines and the road tests of various bikes etc. Well, let me tell you, the Viner was beyond superlatives right from the first pedal stroke to the very last….

WHAT A BIKE ! It just does everything it says on the tin! It was completely noiseless from the start, which I love. It handled like a dream. I think what with the 56 mm bottom race on the forks and the oversize Bottom Bracket, everything is ‘stiffened up’ in the right places. I had asked for a super stiff wishbone rear end (chainstay and seatstays) and hey presto… They were the stiffest I have ever used and climbing was a revelation… SO POSITIVE and with every pedal stroke, the bike moved FORWARD and UP and just such FUN.

Handling was a dream. Going ‘no hands’ wherever and whenever I liked and the bike stayed ‘steerable’ whilst no handed was just amazing. Throwing it into corners and being absolutely sure the bike would do what it was told gave oodles of confidence. Descending at speed was also a WOW as the bike was the MOST STABLE I HAVE EVER RIDDEN, you just couldn’t make it unsteady whatever you did. IT WAS LIKE RIDING ON RAILS. REALLY!”

Dave’s comments are very interesting, as yet again another Maxima owner is bowled over by the frame’s handling and balance. Time and time again this is the attribute that Viner rider’s shout about. I know that my Maxima has given me loads more confidence in my cornering and descending. I used to be quite a nervous rider going down hills (especially ones I didn’t know well) but I can now more or less keep up with my team mates, some of whom are superb descenders, who think nothing of plummeting down alpine mountains in the summer!

Dave is now waiting for delivery of a Perfecta, to be used as his ‘everyday’ bike. The RS will be used for his sportive and racing days out, where we can expect to see him in some of the big Italian Grand Fondo’s, as a guest of the Viner Factory Team.

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  1. January 4, 2011 8:38 pm

    I know the feeling, as I had to be patient too when my Maxima arrived in 2009. I’d had surgery for broken collarbone and could only use the turbo for ages. I used to look at the maxima and dream…
    Everything said here is so true, the Maxima is a joy to behold and a joy to ride 🙂

  2. February 3, 2011 8:33 pm

    Have to agree totally with Dave (and Marcel before him…) the Maxima RS is not only a beauty but rides very much like one too!
    Apart from the wheels and bar tape mine looks almost identical to Dave’s as pictured.
    Had to wait from March until May (’10) for mine but it was definitely worth it…now I just want to know how do we get some Gran Fondo invites!….


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