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November 10, 2010

It’s time’s like this I wish I’d taken more notice of my German teacher, Mr Carson. I was fascinated with the languages extra long words, how they made up new words by joining two together, and the ‘exotic’ umlaut. Problem is I also sat next to a ‘disruptive influence’ so I didn’t really take much in. Shame really, because I might have been able to read German Procycling’s latest bike test. I’ve tried Google’s otherwise excellent online translation, but I suspect Google didn’t take much notice of Mr Carson either, because the english translation is even less readable!

I do really want to know what Marcel Wust thinks of the Maxima RS. His glowing praise of the ‘standard’ Maxima a few years ago in our Procycling was the deciding factor in me buying my Maxima. Viner had a custom, made to measure frame built specifically for Marcel, even adding in ride characteristics that the German sprinter likes. So it was no surprise that he announced that “the Maxima is the best bike I’ve ever tested”. The fact that the RS version has some great new improvements means that Marcel should be ecstatic about the RS. I suppose I’ll never know – at least there are the nice photos to look at – and I don’t need ‘O’ level German to do that.


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