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October 20, 2010

I suppose I wasn’t alone this weekend. Countless other cyclists will probably have gone through the same ritual I did on Sunday – the sensible ones that use winter bikes anyway.

Yep, my nice leisurely cafe ride with my mates Richard and Kirstie was the last ride of the year on Davina. It was a lovely, bright sunny day – but the crisp air that cut through my lungs told me that winter was here. The damp, slimy cow crap on the back roads also told me it was time to hibernate the Maxima. So a loving wash and lubrication (along with proofing the Brooks saddle) was a nice way to say goodbye for now, and say thanks for the great time we had over the summer. It was a heavy heart that clamped her front forks into the shed. No more smooth riding, instant acceleration or confidence inspiring cornering. Along with the Kronus, the two thoroughbreds were bedded down for the winter. Now it’s time to get re-acquainted with the winter workhorse, and put in some hard work.

I do feel some sympathy for cyclists who only have one bike. They miss out on that special feeling you get when you swing your leg over your ‘best’ or ‘race’ bike the following spring. You almost forget what is was like to ride them, so that the first miles are as if you’ve just bought it new all over again. The work you put in over winter on the heavy hack paying off as you sprint off into the warmer air.

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